St. Croix River Clean-up

The Friends "St. Croix River Clean-up" events are normally held on the second Saturday in July. We clean the St. Croix River between the Sunrise landing and the main boat landing within the park, and need help from many volunteers to do a good job!

Seven canoes are available for free! Call 651-583-2125 x227 to reserve yours. Bring a lunch, water, gloves, insect repellent, sunscreen, dress for all weather (we'll clean rain or shine, but cancel for lightning), and prepare for a good time. We'll meet at 9 am at the main boat landing in the park and be shuttled north to Sunrise. We arrive at the main boat landing around 3:00 at the end of the canoe trip, depending on activities during the day.

If you're bringing your own canoe or kayak, drop it at the Sunrise landing where a Friends member will watch it while you drive your vehicle to the take-out at the main landing, then take our shuttle back to Sunrise. If you're not up for canoeing, we can always use help cleaning the landings!

July 13, 2013 photos:

Wild River Canoe
River Clean up 2013 River Clean up 2013
River Clean up 2013 River Clean up 2013
River Clean up 2013